4kw cnc fiber lasersnijmachine voor metalen carfts en decoratie

vezel lasersnijmachine

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Modelnummer:ECO-FIBER 3015 / 4KW ACCURLX Axis (Rack & Pinion):3000 Mm
Y Axis (Rack & Pinion):1500 MmZ Axis (Ball Screw):100 Mm
Maximum Cutting Capacity:10 Mm AluminyumProductnaam:Fiber Lasersnijmachine

ACCURL IPG 4000W fiberlasersnijmachine with CNC Laser Cutting Machine 4kw Price for Sale

Accurl CNC metal fiber laser cutting equipment main features:

Accurl brand CNC metal fiber laser cutting machine take key components are used abroad leading brand, perfect assembly techniques to create best cutting performance.

Performation in advance mode, the plate quickly punch cutting, cutting time much saved,automatic folloing system, domestic top vibility, can realize a calibrationg, antomatics following, fiber transport, flexible procsssing, suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel and other kinds of high-reflective metal materials.


Adopting advanced fiber laser generator and ball screw moving system, it can cut and punch different kind of metal material with high precision and high speed.

Since laser is transmitted by fiber, it is no need to maintenance or adjusts the laser optical path. It greatly reduces the machines fault rate and prolongs the working life.

Large format cutting area meets the demands of various kinds of metal processing.

Applicable Industries for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1. plaatwerk fabricage

2. Elektrische kast

3. Lift

4. Auto-onderdelen

5. Luchtvaart en ruimtevaart

6. Verlichtingslampen

7. Metalen carfts en decoratie

8. Hardware-hulpmiddelen

9. Adverteren

10. Furnitures

11. Keukengerei

12. Fitnessapparatuur

13. Medische apparatuur

14. Landbouw- en bosbouwmachines

The advantage of the Suntop CNC fiber laser cutting machines.

Maintenance-free (low maintenance costs):

All-fiber laser optical path entirely composed of fibers and fiber-optic components, welding technology using optical fiber connection between the optical fiber and fiber optic components, the entire optical path is completely enclosed in the optical fiber waveguide. Once this natural all closed optical path is formed, without additional isolation measures can be self-contained, isolated from the external environment to achieve. Resonator fiber grating replaces the lens structure, there is no lens contamination, distortion and so on, so that in case of proper use of fiber lasers, basically no maintenance.


ModelECO-FIBER 3015 / 4KW
CNC-besturingseenheidFAGOR 8060 CNC-systeem
X-as (tandheugel)3000 mm
Y-as (tandheugel)1500 mm
Z-as (balschroef)100 mm

Maximale snijcapaciteit

Zacht staal25 mm
Roestvrij staal12 mm
Aluminyum10 mm
Werkstuk afmetingen1525 x 3050 mm
IJlgang (X- en Y-as)105 m / min
Versnelling2,5 G (25 m / s2)
Vector snelheid148 m / min
Absolute positioneringsnauwkeurigheid± 0,08 mm
Herhaalbaarheid (X- en Y-as)± 0,03 mm
Max. laad capaciteit2450 kg
Hoogwaardig CNC-systeemFAGOR 8060 van het merk Spain
LaservermogenIPG YLS-4 kW from Germany
Hoogwaardige servomotor / aandrijvingFAGOR van het merk Spanje
LasersnijkopPRECITEC uit Duitsland
MotoreducerSTOBER uit Duitsland
productnaamFiber Lasersnijmachine